Water Treatment Chemicals

Legislation such as the ACoP L8, insurance inspections, the need for production efficiency or plant longevity are all potential reasons why a water system requires treatment with specialist chemicals.

Britewater Ltd offer a substantial range of proven, specialised water treatment chemicals for a wide range of applications including; evaporative cooling towers, steam raising plant, closed systems and many other process water systems.

Tailored to the specific process or local make-up water requirements, single use or ongoing combination treatments can be supplied on an "as required basis or as part of a fixed price contract.
Amongst the wide range available the various products available include:

Britewater Ltd operate a highly skilled and experienced team of water treatment specialists that are on hand to offer advice on the appropriate solutions to specific water treatment problems, this also includes an exemplary after sales support service. On site analytical testing by our team of water treatment specialists forms a major part of ensuring that the products we supply are operating to the best of their ability.

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