Pretreatment Plant and Filters

Pre-treatment plant and/or filtration will optimise the performance of any water system. This is particularly true in hard water areas or systems that take up their water from bore holes. And is often used in conjunction with good chemical treatment packages.
Not only is the water quality improved, the potential savings from reducing water consumption and energy mean that investment costs are soon recouped through efficiency dividends.

Britewater has a built up a wealth of experience supplying, installing and servicing specialist equipment:-

•Base exchange water softeners
•Ultra Violet Systems
•Bacteria cartridge Filters
•Birm Filters
•Carbon Filters
•1-100µ sediment filters

On-going maintenance and servicing can be carried out as one off tasks by our experienced field technicians or as part of on-going contracts. Existing plant can also be serviced and maintained and is often included in our water treatment total supply agreements.

In addition the water quality standards for private water supplies are becoming increasingly stringent, Britewater can supply and install a number of different options to allow domestic properties to comply with the Private Water Supplies Regulations 2010.

Constantly working to the customers’ requirements Britewater can find the right solution for your needs.

As always flexibility and customer service are at the heart of our company philosophy.

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