Legionella Awareness Training

“Inadequate management, lack of training and poor communication have all been identified as contributory factors in outbreaks of Legionnaires disease.” (Approved code of practice and guidance “Legionnaires disease: The control of bacteria in water systems” L8)

As stated in L8 it is essential that persons who are involved with the management or monitoring of water systems should be suitably competent in the tasks that are required of them. Training is an essential element of building up competency in the area of Legionella control whether you are a caretaker at a school or a manager at a large industrial site.

Britewater Ltd have available an extensive number of Legionella awareness courses that can be aimed at small or large numbers of persons and are tailored to the specific audience. This can include maintenance engineers responsible for weekly monitoring of cooling towers, managers designated as responsible persons for domestic systems or statutory duty holders in charge of multiple premises.

Course content has been developed to give delegates all the information required regarding Legionella to gain an informed understanding of the issues involved and what is required of them.

Courses are typically conducted at the customers’ site or at a selected venue and are half a day in duration.

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