Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Indoor air quality is influenced by many factors including external air quality, design of enclosed spaces, the design and function of ventilation systems, maintenance and cleaning regimes and the presence of contaminant sources and the strength of such sources.

Indoor air should not contain contaminants that exceed concentrations known to impair health or cause discomfort to occupants. Such contaminants may include various gases, vapors, micro-organisms, dusts, smoke and other particulate matter. These may be present in make-up air or be introduced from indoor activities, furnishings, building materials, surface coatings and air handling and air treatment components.

Britewater has invested in up to date measuring devices that sample the air within the premises and provide accurate data about the constituent air makeup. This is then presented to the client in a professional report containing comment and recommendations about the results obtained. The following items are typically sampled from various locations during an indoor air quality survey.

• Thermal comfort monitoring – relative humidity and temperature
• Instantaneous gas sampling – carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde
• Airborne particulate levels
• Airborne microbiological levels for Total Counts, Yeast and Moulds

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