Cleaning and Chlorination

The cleanliness of a system and the water within it, is a fundamental part of the ACoP L8. Cleaning and chlorination of a water system is one aspect of the control regime that ensures that this requirement is fulfilled. In the case of evaporative cooling towers cleaning and chlorination is required on a six monthly basis, in the case of domestic water systems including cold water storage tanks cleaning and chlorination is more subjective and is required when inspections identify a need or when non conformances in the monitoring program require further action. Some water system operators however do choose to have their domestic water systems cleaned and chlorinated on an annual basis for the peace of mind it provides.

Britewater Ltd have been conducting cleaning and chlorination works since 1991 on various systems from industrial cooling towers through to domestic water systems in large hospitals. Britewater have the equipment, expertise and experience to take on any type of cleaning and chlorination works in a variety of systems and also have a selection of disinfecting agents to suit individual specific requirements.

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