Chlorine Dioxide Generators

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is effective at reducing and eventually removing biofilms at low concentrations which mean it can be safely dosed into drinking and bathing water at a level that is effective against bacteria but safe for water users.

Chlorine dioxide is now widely accepted as one of the most effective biocides and is known to be particularly effective against biofilms where traditional oxidising biocides such as sodium hypochlorite have proved to struggle. Biofilms can provide a protective environment for pathogenic bacteria such as legionella and once established can be extremely difficult to remove and can continue to cause microbiological problems within the system.

As chlorine dioxide can be dosed continuously into domestic water it provides a sufficient alternative to thermal disinfection control measures (60 C hot water) where these may not be practical or safe.

ClO2 can also act as an additional line of defense in at risk systems such as very old buildings or those containing persons with an elevated susceptibility to Legionella.

Britewater Ltd can supply, install and maintain chlorine dioxide generators to suit a wide range of requirements from a few hundred litres a day to many thousands.

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